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FO: retro rogue shrug

8 Jul

Another set of photos from my fabulous Sarah, I don’t know how I’d blog without her!

My mum was doing a big clear out of yarn recently (honestly, her yarn stash could clothe a small nation, if it were ever knitted up. I look at my stash and see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree) and she decided to give me some, unbeknownst to me. So imagine my delight when A skein and a bit of beautiful teally blue Cascade Eco Plus 12-ply yarn turned up at my house! How very exciting!

I was between projects and decided a quick 12-ply small project was just what I needed, so I hit Ravelry and found the Retro Rogue tucked away in my favourites.

Remember all bedroom eyes are courtesy of the sun.

Remember all bedroom eyes are courtesy of the sun. You can just see here above my underarm the decrease row.

As the yarn was a skein and a tiny bit, I weighed the small bit and did some simply math to see how much yardage there was, and was disappointed to find out that I was short. But Mama Magpie, being cleverer than me, suggested I do the same for the full skein as sometimes they’re over the marked weight, and sure enough, it was, and it meant I had just enough yardage! I was delighted and cast on.

The colour is slightly deeper than this, the intense sun has lightened it up a lot.

The colour is slightly deeper than this, the intense sun has lightened it up a lot.

As I was travelling and wanted to take this with me, and didn’t want to run the risk of loosing the little ball, I cast on with that and joined the big ball in after only about a dozen rows. The pattern is super easy. The whole thing is 2×2 rib, with one row of decreases very cleverly done so that it remains 2×2 rib afterwards. It is basically a giant cross shape, with 8 stitches cast on at each end part way through and then the same cast off to create the “arms” of the cross, which in turn become the sleeves. It is folded in half at the end into a T shape and seamed up the sides, and tadah!

The whole thing took me about 2 weeks and being 12-ply required very little actual knitting time. I did realise at one point I’d stuffed up a stitch in the rib and had to drop down about 30 rows to fix it, but it was worth it, and other than that it was the easiest thing  have ever knitted. The yarn is really smooshy and snuggly too.

You can see the little sleeves more clearly here.

You can see the little sleeves more clearly here.

I did have one irritation with it though. Although I made no modifications to it at all I used less yardage for my size than it called for. How do I know this? Because I ended up with a much bigger bit leftover than I expected. In fact, the part skein I finished with was bigger than the part-skein in the original parcel. Yep. I could have made the whole thing out of the full skein and wouldn’t have had to join and weave in the ends. Argh!

The other thing is that my sleeves appear to be a bit shorter than some of the models on Ravelry, but I think I’ll cope with this. Now I just need to work out how best to wear it!

This photo is technically an outtake, but I just kinda like it.

This photo is technically an outtake, but I just kinda like it. Plus it shows the underarm seam!

If you’re looking for a for a quick satisfying knit this is a great project, let me know if you try it out!

I’m back! Almost…

8 Jul

Oh my, haven’t I been quiet? All of my favourite blogs have been abandoned by me (as I like to comment on them) and I haven’t posted a thing in days.

But I have a reason! I foolishly undertook two enormous projects (TEP) at the same time and they swamped me. Mere fripperies like the blogosphere and sleeping fell by the wayside, crushed under competing, looming deadlines.

But I have emerged, blinking like a bear, and am set upon a quest to do All The Catching Up. This will mean, hopefully, lots of comments on my favourite blogs, and lots of posts here! Starting with all the gory details of my TEP.

Oh, and apparently, while I was whimpering into my hand sewing and slaving over zips (like that little teaser there, huh?) Google Reader sailed into the sunset, while those of us left behind cried into our hankies. I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive Google. But the world moves on and you keep up, or you don’t. I have made the switch to Feedly, which is mostly ok, but for those of you who have made the switch to Bloglovin, you can use this link, apparently, to follow my posts, so that you’ll be the first to know when I actually upload something of note!

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Back soon with something interesting, promise!