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Dramatis personae

19 Feb

I’ve realised that I haven’t really written anything about me, and that doesn’t seem right. (And yet, if this blog is about diarising my projects for my own reference, why would I need to write about me? I know who I am! But the myth of addressing some out-there audience is part of the fuel of blogging I suppose.)

Not only that, but I have in fact posted a photo of G, my partner (and playing with his food at that) before I posted a picture of me and I know that can’t be right! So here I am.


Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a publicity hound. In fact, I spent years terrified of cameras and although I have come to grudgingly tolerate them they still don’t thrill me, and I’m not the kind of person who whips my camera out every opportunity and takes photos of events. In hindsight this makes me a bit sorry. There are hardly any photos from the last 15 years or so of my life, and now I kind of wish there were! In fact, there are so few photos of me around that finding one that I am happy to share here is tricky.

So I’ve been looking to change. There has been a distinct increase in the last year or two of photos of me, but mostly in daft outfits, since falling in with a crowd that sees dress-ups and photo-shoots as a perfectly acceptable activity for socialising. And while that is a good thing, I’m still not in the habit of thinking of TAKING photos when things happen. One of the motivations of deciding to blog was to encourage myself to take pictures more often and capture the special memories. So far so good! The ninjabread picture of G, which I love, wouldn’t have come about if I hadn’t decided to blog about the baking process.

Would you like to see one of the daft outfit photos?

Playing dress-ups on the beach

Wearing my punk pirate outfit and playing dress-ups on the beach. The star of the day was Madame Ornata who wore a 1980s style, bright purple, giant prom dress to the same shoot.

Embarrassingly, neither of these pics include a garment I have made! That will change though.

There is more to me than being a recovering photo-phobe. I am 31 and live in Wellington, New Zealand in a beautiful suburb called Island Bay in a lovely home I own with G.

Island Bay beach

Island Bay beach, at the end of my street (about 50 metres from my house) - and still only a 20 minute drive to town

I work a full time office job doing boring things with change implementation and business improvement (ok, I actually really like the profession but it’s as far away from the creative stuff I’ll be covering here as I can get). When I’m not doing that I attempt to sew, embroider, bake, make jewellery, do general hand crafts, and have just taken up knitting. Oh, and blogging. In reality, I don’t do anywhere near as much of any of this as I want to do though!

I also do all the paperwork for G’s business. G is a motorcycle mechanic and all round motorcycle addict. Here he is hard at work in our home workshop.

G in the workshop

He's rather gorgeous, but I've always been a sucker for curls.

He works part time at a shop in town and part time we run our own little repair business out of our workshop at home. In many ways we have nothing in common, but we both understand the time-, money-, and sanity-consuming passion of hobbies, and most weekends will find him in his workshop tinkering with engines and me in my craft room sewing or crafting, each happy to know that the other is equally content with their thing. And he supports me the best he can. He’s particularly good when it comes to tools. Most of my pliers and cutters were his or he bought for me, and he bought me a converter so I can use his drill press with itty bitty drill bits. It’s a beautiful match.

I’m sure all the other important players in my life will crop up in stories so I’ll wait until then to introduce them.

I better keep writing stories then…

2012: New Year, new things

18 Jan

Starting a blog is an odd thing, isn’t it? Getting those first few sentences out, feeling like a doofus for pretending that someone will read this when no one even knows it exists, trying to avoid all the cliches. I wonder if I have been successful?

I discovered the blogosphere last year, and now reading blogs is one of my many interests. Then I started wondering , did blogging have a place for ME? “Nah” I thought, “I don’t have the time,” etc etc. But last year, after Tilly’s blog on sewing productivity, I started making a note on what I did in my spare time, and while interesting it was hard to go back and make sense of. And so I have decided to try blogging to keep track of the creative things that take place in my life, so I can look back on what I have made, what I have experienced, and other cool things that occur across my vast range of creative outlets.

In keeping with the time of year, this new resolution to blog, and the trends out there in blog-land, this seems like the perfect time to document what other goals, plans, and dreams I have for 2012. I realise it’s a little later in the year than most, but hey, it’s my blog right?

  1. Stop buying for stash. I have a wild stash of assorted craft supplies (really, it’s huge) and I want to stop buying things just because I want them. But I acknowledge there’ll be a couple of exceptions (because sometimes it is really just too pretty).
  2. Start shopping FROM stash. I’m not pledging to to sew solely from stash – if a specific project needs something that I just don’t have, I’m gonna get it! But every project will start sewing primarily from stash. Well, almost every project.
  3. Overhaul my wardrobe. Every day I want to be wearing something I love, rather than simply getting dressed in order to avoid nudity and frostbite/sunburn. But I don’t actually have a very large collection of actual clothes (most of my “garment “spend is still languishing in stash). So over the year I want to get rid of the tatty things that I wear because I have to,  and replace them with things that make me happy to put on. I’m not swearing to only have me-mades in my wardrobe, or to never buy another garment – because there are some things out there that I do like – but in reality, to get a wardrobe full of things I love I’m going to have to make a lot of it.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I love the fabrics in my stash. Each of them is full of promise and expectation and wonder. And if I cut it and make it and it turns out to be a disaster, than all that promise is gone and I am left with rags. But – this fear holds me back from making and learning and wearing. I can’t wear them if I stuff it up – but I can’t wear it in stash either. So – I’m going to be bold. If that means losing a few pieces of fabric, then so be it!
  5. Talk and read about making stuff less and make stuff more. And this is not just limited to sewing – I want to emobroider more, knit more, dance more, bake more. Not sure how I’m going to do it! But enough excuses – get to it girl!

And those are just the sewing ones!